‘Ruling halts woman’s deportation, orders visa’

Since she left her native country of Mexico as a child in 1998, Rocio Gonzalez-Martinez has never been back.

She was raised in Utah by her Mexican-born aunt and U.S. citizen uncle, Santa Clara resident Lyle Dahlberg.

But while Gonzalez-Martinez, 22, calls her uncle the “only father I have,” the federal government claimed Dahlberg’s adoption of her a few years ago came too late. It began proceedings to deport her.

The decision didn’t sit well with U.S. District Judge Bruce Jenkins, who issued a sharply worded ruling last week that a blanket policy has no place in adoptions.

“Not all cases are identical,” he wrote. “A black-and-white rule is unfair to those who have a meritorious argument.”

Jenkins upheld a state court judge who retroactively dated Gonzalez-Martinez’s adoption to the day after Dahlberg married her aunt in 1998 and told immigration officials to issue a visa that will allow the young woman to remain in the United States.

“Ordering a child, even though now mature, legally adopted and acculturated in the United States, to be deported from the United States is far too Draconian an outcome,” the judge wrote in a decision issued Tuesday.

Story here.

One thought on “‘Ruling halts woman’s deportation, orders visa’

  1. So nice to read this. I’d just been reading about the idiocy over runner Caster Semenya’s “gender controversy”, and was heated up good and proper. Good to read a news story of something done right for a change. Good for that judge.

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