Go back to China!

Yes, I mean you!

The Washington Post appears to keep changing the headline on the article about the kid with TB whose parents used privilege to get her to the States.  It’s now “A Special Delivery Well Worth the Wait.”  Gag me.

For some reason I keep reading the comments at various news sites like a looky-loo running to witness the aftermath of a train wreck.  What can I say, it’s a psychological deficiency.  Anyway, here’s one for the books:

Also, how you can equate the wrong policies and practices against native American Indians with people adopting from China is bizarre. We adoptive parents want to nurish and protect the children we adopt.

Also, I know of no highly racist environment against people from China. Be that as it may, if you live in the USA and find it so objectionable here, move to China! My little girl from China will not be moving back anytime soon.

Can’t say as how I’m surprised.

Because I heard “Go back to China!” on more than one occasion from a white adoptive parent.  It should probably be a WIHAP post.  Mostly it’s a good example of how white adoptive parents don’t see their children as belonging to the Chinese community.  Because I’m sure this commenter’s kid will hear “Go back to China!” eventually.

If she hasn’t heard it already.

(Me in Irritating Mode:  “Go back to China?  I’d love to go back to China!  I haven’t been able to travel there for a couple of years.  There are so many things I’d like to see and do …”)


8 thoughts on “Go back to China!

  1. I am not against adoption of minorities by white folk. Let me make that clear at the onset. However, what these parents must understand is these kids, unfortunately, will experience racism their whole lives. The last thing they need is to experience it from home as well. Adoptive parents have to realize that no matter what, these children will not see the privilege that comes with the colour of the parents skin, so they are going to be living in a world that will see their parents receiving an unearned privilege, and at the same time, while alone, see the racism that comes due to their own race. Talk about a confusing life for a child growing up. Statements like the parent saying “Go back to China” will only make this more disheartening for the child. Please, please…PLEASE take this all into consideration when adopting a child of another race. I understand the heart may be in the right place, but the mind must also be there

  2. by the way, my antivirus software says that page in the WP tries to download a malicious script – might want to check if the Washington Post gave you malware on your computer (you know, as an extra gift).

  3. Unfortunately due to whites’ seemingly innate privilege I see it hard for even some of the most socially and race conscious whites so fully empathize with minorities. I’ve gone back and forth on the issue, but as of late I’ve been against international/interracial adoption. I think what is more important is developing resources for families within their own countries to care for children. I see time and time again ap’s in america viewing adoption as a present to themselves, race doesn’t matter, love is stronger than hate, we will love them like our own (until it gets hard then we can just get rid of them), blah blah. Personally I’m sick of it… and this ‘go back to China’ comment? I don’t even know where to begin. It’s stories like that that really drive me up and wall. I feel like AP’s will just never get it.

  4. au napptural, not the comments! You can’t make me read the comments!

    Awwww ….

    (I had seen a news article about that church posting a sign. Didn’t know they were into t-shirts now. They even sell them on the church site!)

  5. “””Also, I know of no highly racist environment against people from China. Be that as it may, if you live in the USA and find it so objectionable here, move to China! My little girl from China will not be moving back anytime soon.””””

    what a f’n ignorant stupid statement, this belongs in the WTF Hall of Shame, maybe this ass should open her eyes before she opens her mouth. that’s right, just move to China, don’t white people say that all the time to Black people, just go back to Africa? WTF is that woman doing with a child from China?

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