Guess privilege works

So two weeks after being told the kid couldn’t leave the country, she got a visa.  You remember the story.  A couple travels to China to adopt a four-year-old.  They have a good indication that she might have TB before they go, and they receive confirmation when they get there.  But what do they do?  They adopt her, undoubtedly thinking that that they’ll get past the TB requirements for immigrants.

Because as the mother said, this isn’t an immigrant.

And then they leave her behind in China, because they just can’t stay.  Even though adopted children are just like biological children.

And this has lead to a huge call from adoptive parents and adoption agencies and JCICS (which is basically an agency lobby) and other groups who care about the children to call for removal of these restrictions.  Not for all children. Because we know it really isn’t about the children.  It’s about the adoptive parents. So the call is for adopted children to have special privileges.

Because privilege works.

Ten bucks says the kid is being escorted.

And as a separate rant, don’t you love the way people get a four-year-old who already has a life and a history and immediately change her name?

Edited to add:  Where’s my ten bucks?


8 thoughts on “Guess privilege works

  1. “And as a separate rant, don’t you love the way people get a four-year-old who already has a life and a history and immediately change her name?” The only surprise there is that her new name is not Lily.

  2. Based on their blog post where the dad mentions that he forgot to take his camera to the airport – I’m guessing she must have been escorted.

  3. WASP: “Hey! Meet our new son! We just adopted him from Nigera!”

    WASP friend: “So cute! What’s his name?”

    WASP: “It says here on the paper ‘Ngobe’ but we’ve decided to go with ‘Bill.”

  4. Ten bucks only? I’d a bet more than that.

    And can somebody explain the Lily phenomenon to me? There’s part of me that is almost afraid to know, because I fear that it has something to do with ladybugs…

  5. Did’ya catch the part in the 2nd article where it says they had a Mulan Barbie waiting for her? Because they want to make sure they maintain her connection with Chinese culture, you know.

  6. Just for the record; I am guessing that they only had a 30 day visa (common with AP’s) which meant that they couldn’t stay longer. Unless of course, the Chinese government grants extensions while you are already in-country.

    And most visa’s to travel to China takes several weeks so that if she was coming home now they wouldn’t have been able to get another visa to travel back to China.

  7. No, they said they didn’t want to stay.

    Visa time is usually about a week. You can get expedited same-day. Let’s face it, they didn’t want to stay and they didn’t want to travel back.

    Let me guess, Ann, white adoptive parent?

  8. Resistance, you are so right, plus, even if they were there for two weeks, which I doubt, they would have had another two weeks left on their visa.

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