Play it again

Raymond Liu is a Chinese American boy who was taken away from his family and placed in foster care.  His mother’s parental rights were subsequently terminated and the foster family expressed a desire to adopt him.

This despite the fact that he has family willing and able to take him–family members (plural!) who passed homestudies in an attempt to keep Raymond with his family.

I haven’t seen any updates on this story, but here is a long article about some of the problems the Liu family faced.  Basically, it’s an affirmation of the old saying “It’s better to be white than right.”

2 thoughts on “Play it again

  1. It’s incredible that the article even got written, heartbreaking as it is. Thanks so much for linking to it. I hope that Raymond does someday get this message. I wish he hadn’t needed it.

  2. I am not sure it is as simple as it sounds.

    I lost my mother to schizophrenia as well. I was forcibly taken from her at age 11 and lived in foster homes for quite a while before relatives finally were able to pull me out of that.

    My mother went on to have two more children, both of whom were adopted. By that time there was only one relative involved, and I do not know if he attempted to take on those children.

    Being white did not save my mother from living in a subway.

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