What’s up with France?

First President Nicolas Sarkozy said the burqa was not welcome. Now women wearing burkinis (modest swim attire including a head covering) are being thrown out of public pools. Supposedly, it’s all about hygiene.

I’ve only seen a burkini once at a beach.  But I have seen several women wearing head-to-foot long sleeve swim attire with no head coverings.  And of course people wear those anti-sun things.

If you really want to keep pools clean, you should ban small children.


4 thoughts on “What’s up with France?

  1. As the parent of a 5 year old, that last bit is right on.

    But no, of course it isn’t about hygiene. If it were, they wouldn’t be banning head scarves in schools. to me it seems that it is about conforming to some arbitrary idea about what being French is. And despite all the evidence to the contrary, that means being white, ethnically French, and secularized Christian of some sort. And if you aren’t that, then you damned well better disguise yourself and pretend as best you can. It is a creepy, almost Nazi kind of stance at times, and given how much France suffered under the Nazis it is despicable and rather inexplicable that they should behave in this way. And to put such things under the guise of law? Scary is what it is.

  2. The pool she wasn’t allowed to swim in didn’t allow any sort of baggy or excessive swimwear. They wouldn’t even let men wear swim trunks (speedos only!). Doesn’t seem like it’s as racially motivated as you think.

  3. And nuns, men who wear yarmulkes and chemo patients undergoing hair loss should be forced to remove head coverings if there is a “no hat” rule. This is a WHIB that I believe would fall under “dictionary definition.”

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