Fed Ex sucks

So I have the day off.  I was expecting a Fed Ex package.  I think Fed Ex sucks.  My past experience has been very poor.  There was the package that took more than 12 days to arrive.  The rep claimed delivery had been attempted TWICE but I didn’t even get a door tag.  I’ve also received “Sorry We Missed You” tags when I was in fact home.  There was a package that wasn’t delivered and Fed Ex claimed that it was because the driver couldn’t obtain a signature.  When I noted there was signature waiver, the rep then said, “Oh, well he thought it looked valuable so he didn’t want to leave it.”

The drivers never, ever ring the bell.

I don’t get it.  I assume they have to eventually deliver the package.  So what’s the point of the tags?  Is it just because they’re having a busy day and don’t want to stop?

Today I heard the truck and looked out the window to see the guy writing out a tag next to the truck.  He hadn’t come up the steps yet.  He hadn’t rung the bell.  He was just going to tag and run.  So I opened the door, which forced him to actually get my package.

UPS rings the doorbell, even if there is signature waiver.  My postal carrier rings the doorbell.  Why not Fed Ex?  Because they suck, that’s why.

21 thoughts on “Fed Ex sucks

  1. I have some of the same problems with Fedex, where they claim they stopped when we were home and never got a knock or even a door tag. What’s worse around here is that to go pick up the item, the building is in the middle of nowhere, behind a fence with the entrance in the back without a sign. They also are only open from 8-5, unlike UPS, which is open until 7 around here.

  2. I worked at an apartment complex briefly and the UPS guy would bring packages that couldn’t be delivered to the leasing office after putting notes on the residents’ doors. About halfway through my time there he decided he could save time by just putting notes on the doors – not knocking – and taking ALL the packages to the leasing office. I found out about this because one lady was home waiting for a package she needed that day, and she came and yelled at me about it. When my supervisor came out – because she heard the yelling – it became my job to try and get the UPS guy to do his job. All kinds of awesome, let me tell you.

  3. I was told it takes four business days to receive the package, so I waited at home on the 4th day, and nothing shows up, then on the tracking page it says the package only arrived on the 5th day 3AM. So that being said, I waited for them again on the next day(Friday), guess what, nothing happen again. And around 4:10pm I went out to the front door and found a door tag on my mailbox stating that they came at 2:50pm and no one was home. During the whole day, I heard NO DOORKNOCKS, NO DOORBELLS, all they left was a door tag saying I was not home when they attempt and they need a signature. I mean honesty, do they just look through the windows and assumed no one is home? Didn’t even want to waste one second to find the doorbell and press it?(IT’S RIGHT BESIDE THE DOOR, DUMBASS!!) and trust me, they are LOUD!

  4. UPS is MUCH better to deal with than FedEx. When we have had packages that could be left UPS would knock on the door to alert us before they left the package. I really like that. UPS also knocks a lot harder than FedEx. There’s no way the FedEx driver today could have done anything more than just tap on the door. I spent all day waiting on this package with the TV turned down and nothing else on so I know it wasn’t me. I should not have to camp out in front of the door to hear these people knocking on the door. I even put a sign on the door that read “Knock Hard”.
    Also UPS is only about 20 minutes away from where I live. If I pick up a package at FedEx they’re 34 miles away – about 50 minutes.

  5. fedex sucks,, I took day off to recieve my package but havn’t recieved my package yet.. FedEx really sucks

  6. yea i agree with you that fed ex sucks, i had a package that was suppose to be delivered on the website is says delivered but no package…

  7. I just went through this with FedEx. I sent a nice long letter to their corporate office and I sent a copy of it to the merchant (Yankee Candle) I bought my stuff from so that they’ll cancel the contract they have with FedEx when they get enough complaints. My husband and I were both home. I was sitting at my desk all day where I can see out the front of the house where they would drive up and my husband was at his desk up front by the door. Nothing.

  8. I found your posts on accident. I am a driver for fedex. I am in no way trying to defend the actions of your drivers that did not ring the bells and stuff like that. It is our policy to go to the door of every stop on truck. I can tell you that this is how I work it. If I need a signature on a package I go to the door ring the bell and wait. If I dont hear or see any motion I pull out my pad and start filling out the door tag. If I still do not get an answer I mark the package not home pt the door tag on the door and then I am gone. I average about 115 stops a day. I dont have time to wait if they are in the shower or what ever else.
    One of the biggest problems that the fedex drivers you are dealing with is how we get paid. we get a flat days pay no matter how long we are out there. UPS gets paid by the hour. Quite nicely I might add. We dont. If I can run my route good I can finish in 10 hours. That is the best I will ever be able to do it due to the pickup times I have on the route. With that said I will make 12 bucks an hour for that day. Thats it nothing else. We dont get benefits vacation pay or insurance. Chances are good your drivers are tired of working for nothing really.
    Hope this helped some. Like I said they still have a job to do. I am not defending them. I do the best I can even for the peanuts I get paid. You should complain to fedex when you have a problem.

  9. Your postal carrier rings your doorbell? You live in the Waldorf? I just spent 30 minutes each waiting at two bus stops with homeless people who piss themselves and I am still making payments on a car with a blown head gasket, my tax return got taken for my spouses student loan she took out 10 years before I met her. Try picking it up at Fedex, call them and have it held for christs sake.

  10. fedex cant be trusted with simple tasks
    my package arrived 2 weeks late and at a house that was not mine
    i never got my package
    and i dont expect i ever will

  11. FedEx is apparently sufficiently aware of their own sucktitude that they preemptively bought FedExSucks .com, .net, .org, etc…

    But, after they cost me a not-so-small fortune, then rubbed salt in the wound by welching on their “guarantee”, I discovered that they missed http://www.FedExSucks.biz

    I own that one now. And this blog post is already featured on the links page.

  12. have the same issue with FedEx. It seems that FedEx is using the same excuse to blame their customer. FedEx is hiding the evidence of their careless handling when shipping and find ways to avoid taking responsibility.

    Please go to http://www.fedexshippingsucks.com/ to view detail report and pictures taken from my customer.

    Please tell me how can those damaged products be of hazards and why should FedEx trash it?

  13. I’ll say FedEx sucks…a delivery person knocked on my door, and when I asked who was there said “FedEx.” OK, great, I head to the door…only to find the delivery person was long gone, and the letter (an important financial document!) sitting on the ground. Did I mention that I live in a 100 unit apartment building, where just anyone can grab a package or letter and take it away?
    This is not even the first time for this: they left a package (when I was not home) despite the fact that I did *not* sign any authorization telling them it was OK to do so. WTF ever happened to delivery slips? I’ve seen packages sitting in front of other people’s apartments too.
    FedEx sucks!

  14. Left my package on my neighbors step, sadly no one even lives in the house. What a shame they didn’t even take the time to knock on the door. I understand having a high volume of work with low pay but you could have some pride and appreciation in what you are doing and do the job to the best or your abilities.

  15. The problems with Fedex go beyond late packages.I was a contractor for Fedex Ground in Knoxville TN. for 16 yrs. I had trucks leased on to them. When a new terminal manager came in she tried to change everything & in the process she bankrupted me & I heard a few other Fedex contractors as well. Other “favorable” contractors got our truck runs. I hate this company I lost my house & everything else they ruined my life.

  16. didn’t even try and deliver, despite being shipped from 10mi down the road…. don’t know if i should be more pissed at fedex or never summer…. still debating that one.

  17. I could not agree with the original thread creator. FedEx is the worst company EVER! They don’t deserve to our business because they don’t care about customers. The employees there care more about getting off work than they do performing the job they are paid to do. I have a package I paid 2nd air on and it took two weeks to get it. I place several calls, the manufacturer called FedEx, Amazon called FedEx all to try to get FedEx to deliver a package they were paid to deliver. The issue was simply that the employees’ were to lazy to the job and would only offer excuses that were flat out lies. So if you don’t mind sending a package and having an angry customer or if you are looking for a delivery and you don’t mind it taking 4 to 5 times longer than it would with UPS then by all means FedEx is your company. And if you use FedEx be warned!!!! The customer service is out-sourced to a group of losers’ in El Salvador who could really care less about you or your package.

  18. Fedex Sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I send a package Fedex International priority (Thursday), it was supposed to arrive Friday by 10:30 am, it is stuck in customs and nobody called me. My husband was there for training and now he is deployed. What will happen to the package? I don’t know; all I know it has personal affects in there to burst his moral. Does Fedex care at all??? NO!!! Here my husband is risking life and limb for his country and they can’t even do their jobs. On phone call it all it would have taken!! I could have straitened things out and then he could have had his package. Then they tried to lie to me as well! I called and they told me the package did not arrive in customs until Monday, and then I told them the package arrived on Friday and has been sitting there ever since. Then the operator changed his story and told me they tried to call me on Friday. Now does that sound like a company with any kind of ethics or responsibility?? I believe not! By the way my cell is my life line, I go nowhere without it! Call log revealed no missed calls from Fedex. Oh on top of that the person, who was supposed to send me the customs form, did not do that. When I called 2 days later because I have not received my form yet, all they said was “Oh just one period to many.” What for goodness sakes is going on here, because he was too incompetent to copy my email address right, the package is still not trough customs. Let me tell you, this is far from over!! I will let everybody I know in my military community, never to send anything via fedex. And I know quite some people, enlisted and higher ranking officers. They will see a drop in their numbers! This will go viral! I will post this every military website I can find. Oh by the way I paid $270. For a package that weight 15 lbs. overnight. I am still waiting for my email with the customs form!! Today is Thursday one week later! Waiting, waiting, waiting……………

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