Dear Howard Kurtz

Your Washington Post article is titled “Black Reporters on the beat of Michelle Obama:  Does race play a role in coverage?

Allow me to answer your (rhetorical?) question:  Why yes, it does. But you don’t nearly go deep enough in your analysis.

First, you list five (five!) black female reporters among “nearly two dozen journalists.”  Why, that’s more than 20 percent!  I’m actually a little shocked by this, because typically the White House press is a pretty white bunch.Who woulda thunk that five of those reporters might be black?  And you neglected to mention that the black reporters in your article are also women.  Undoubtedly the fact that they have the same bits and pieces as Mrs. Obama  plays into their coverage.  There’s just something about breasts and vaginas that make people unable to remain detached and objective.  Maybe because they’re just a teeny bit hysterical.  Yes, Howard, please be sure to mention this the next time you speak with those lady-bit reporters.

You know, because lady bits cause women to identify with other women.

Are you just not feeling the love, Howard?  Because I assume from your article that you were among the 24 journalists, and you appear to be neither black nor female.

Is it hard for an old white guy to relate to young, black Mrs. Obama?  Don’t you two have at least something in common?  Maybe you both like pie or something.  Please, work a little harder.  I’m sure you could find something if you just tried.  We’re in the post-racial era now, so making friends with people of color is even easier for white people than ever before!

And of course, we always look forward to the objective, rational viewpoint that comes only from the white man.  Because his race never plays into coverage … it’s completely neutral in our society!  And those little jiggly bits don’t come into play when male reporters cover other men, because that would be so unmanly.  Ahem.

So to answer your question:  Why, yes, race plays a factor in coverage when it’s those pesky people of color with their secret agenda giving the colored spin on the issue.  Race is not a factor when those colorblind, objective, fair-minded white people are simply reporting the news.


3 thoughts on “Dear Howard Kurtz

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  2. Yep, that about sums it up. Thank you. I live in D.C. and know a few black reporters. reading howie’s article left a nasty taste in their mouths. I mean, how many times do white reporters, those bastions of objectivity, have to beat a dead horse?

  3. “But if their bosses hoped these staffers would receive special access, some secret-handshake entry into the East Wing”

    I can’t believe he mentioned the secret-handshake, that sounds so familiar, now where did I hear that before?(snark)

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