5 thoughts on “Michael Jackson, 1958-2009

  1. That was my thought too, about the early pic.

    I found out on a bus ride home from a field trip during our week long annual Freedom School when the message started coming in to the kids’ cell phones. (Technology!) The kids’ reactions were something else. These were students from abotu 14 – 23, and the reactions were more intense than I would’ve expected with this young generation. They were all so sad and shocked.

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  3. I teach pre-school music in the Boston Public Schools, and my five-and-six-year-old students were coming up to me the day after Michael’s sad and early passing: “Mr. Fecteau, did you hear that Michael Jackson died?” One little girl tried to moonwalk for me. I taught junior high music 6-13 years ago, and the phenomenon was the same among that age group (those kids are now 19-26 years old.) It’s amazing, the cross-generational appeal and recognition this talented, kind, generous and gentle artist/entertainer was able to achieve. I’m 58 years old, so I’ve enjoyed him since the earliest days of the Jackson 5. He will be greatly missed.

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