Asian people only

The rest of you … no clicking!

So I saw this today.  And it reminded me that last weekend I had my mom over for dinner.  Only I got a couple of unexpected guests as well.  As I set the food on the table, I’m leaning past my mother.

I whisper in her ear, “Mom, if there’s not enough food, I expect you to say that you’re not really hungry.”

My mom:  “Oh!”

My mom:  “I’m not really hungry …”

PS:  We see all of you.  Don’t think we don’t.

9 thoughts on “Asian people only

  1. I clicked. So sue me.

    In family the script is: when you bring a dish, you bring twice as much as needed for the number of guests, then the host/ess says “OMG, you made so much! We have enough to feed an army!” and then after everyone has stuffed themselves silly the multiply re-used margarine and deli containers that have been saved for just such an occasion come out so everyone can pack up the leftovers for tomorrow’s dinner.

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  3. In my neck of the woods, this is known as FHB = Family Hold Back. Thus we knew to “hold back” until the guests and elders had served themselves first. Incidentally the region is mostly English, Irish, Scottish and French.

  4. Hehe. My mom and I are tight enough that she would say that without any cues from me. And I’d try to convince her to eat anyway. And she would insist on not being hungry because she already ate and scoop food into other people’s rice bowls. That’s how it would go down.

  5. The funny part is that I was just teasing my mom. There really was enough food. But I would note that on another occasion when I had three self-invited guests, I didn’t. And my mom was the only one (!) who noticed I wasn’t eating. She tried to make me take some of her food. ;-D

  6. Haha, got it. It’s really cute that she said that automatically even though there was enough food. Ya know, just in case any of those other folks had an outrageous appetite. Ah, moms. I’ve had the not-quite-enough-for-all-guests experience with my mom as well. I fill her rice bowl and she protests, “It’s too much! I can’t eat all this!” while dumping food into my rice bowl with the back end of her chopsticks.

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