Eek! Black guys!

I read this story earlier and sighed.  It’s about a 38-year-old white woman who called 911 to report that she and her young daughter had been in a car accident involving another automobile.  Then two black men kidnapped her and threw her into the trunk of a Cadillac.

Well, the FBI got involved.  And guess what?

8 thoughts on “Eek! Black guys!

  1. Oh, for f*&%s sake! Idiot woman. You kidnapped your child and left behind another one. Double loss for you. Blaming it on black men is the icing on the cake. I remember Susan Smith…

  2. Oh holy hell! The tired and true “a Black guy did it” defense gets trotted out again. And a Cadillac? Seriously?

    But hey, she’s “a great lady”, so it’s no surprise that police found her call “particularly convincing”. I hope the cops didn’t bring in any “suspects” while this woman was busy riding the teacups at her Disney World vacation.

    The Innocence Project just posted today about Jerry Lee Evans, released after 22 years in prison for the rape of a white girl that he did not commit. DNA proved it, 22 years too late. Twenty-two YEARS!

  3. This lying, thieving heifer … I am so tired of the “Blame a Brother” default button. Every time something like this happens, the NAACP, ACLU, and other civil-rights groups should bang their media trash can tops together. They should be unafraid to say that behavior like this demonstrates the bottom-rung, societal food chain position at which many people of color, mostly poor, remain. It’s easy to blame someone for something when you know they’re more likely not to be believed. More, it’s sad that law-enforcement investigators spend precious time and resources on these wild goose chases. Though I theoretically oppose charging people serving time, my knee-jerk reaction is they need to charge her for the time and money involved chasing her a** down.

  4. amazing how it’s still SO easy for everyone to believe the lies. Susan Smith was in 1994, almost 70 yrs after the Rosewood massacre, and here we are 15 yrs later – same lies. Still believed…

  5. The funny thing is as soon as I heard that the woman was accusing two anonymous black guys I *KNEW* that SHE was the guilty one. I’ve heard that tired story too many times before in the media. Sure enough, she kidnapped her own kid.

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