Dear nuns


If one of your sisters was involved in a car crash that killed a 16-year-old by allegedly running a red light, and then was found not guilty, maybe you could refrain from flashing big toothy grins.

Lucky you, you were allowed to wear your habit into the courtroom.  And one of the eyewitnesses was named Miguel Realzola.

2 thoughts on “Dear nuns

  1. Oh god, that kid was my son’s age. Even if she was innocent, how could anyone look that happy over something that killed a child? And why don’t they think the eyewitness “can be believed”?

  2. It gets worse. There were apparently two other eyewitnesses in addition to Miguel Realzola. Also the driver of the other car and a passenger with her testified that the nun ran the red light.

    One of the nuns said something about thanking G-d, and being happy that the “truth came to light.” But no quoted statement about their sadness about the boy’s death.

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