Oh internets

Can anybody tell me what it means if your blood glucose is 111 after not eating for more than 12 hours?

For reference, this person’s blood glucose has been 234, 240, and 400+ in recent checks.

4 thoughts on “Oh internets

  1. Means something different in each individual case, depending on other illnesses and medications used.

    If a patient of mine had questions about her blood sugar, I’d really rather she called me….

  2. Hi Jay, thanks for your response. I understand that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this. I’m just trying to find out if my assumption (that this person is not controlling diabetes very well) is accurate. My thought is also that care is not being taken in what is being eaten.

  3. hi, check out this link –

    if you scroll down, you will see that this is above normal for “fasting gluose”. But – as Jay said – any result must be taken in context of medications and of what has been eaten.

    On the other hand, this is a much, much better value than the very high numbers you mention from recent checks, which are certainly consistent with suboptimal control of diabetes.

    This article
    has a little too much information, inasmuch as diabetes is vastly more common than the other conditions mentioned. But, if you know that the person has other medical issues as well, you might find something useful there.

    I thought this was pretty good –

    Hope some of this is useful to you.

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