While she was dying, postscript

Ryan and Tamishia Moats appeared on Good Morning America today.

I have been unable to stop thinking about this story.  Watch the dashcam video, which is here.  You can see Moats is driving cautiously.  He stops at the red light and waits until traffic clears before proceeding.  It’s about one o’clock in the morning, so few drivers are out.  And he appears to be a very short distance from the hospital.

When Tamishia Moats and her aunt get out of the car and walk towards the hospital entrance, it looks to me like the aunt is trying to physically shield Tamishia.  Both Moats later recalled that the officer was pointing his gun at them.  I was really afraid that she was going to be shot.

Ryan Moats apparently realizes he’s dealing with an overly aggressive cop, because he quickly goes into “Yes sir” mode.  Despite this, the cop detains him for about 13 more minutes.

Two black security guards come out of the hospital to talk with the cop, but you can see on the video that they themselves are hesitant.  A nurse (maybe two nurses) come out at two separate times to ask if Ryan Moats can be released as his mother-in-law has gone code blue three times.  Another cop says he has spoken to the nurse and the hospital staff wants to get Moats there as soon as possible.

Still the cop delays him.

The worst part?  The man detained with Ryan Moats is Jonetta Collinsworth’s father.  The dying woman’s father.

And they probably stayed with the car because they didn’t want anybody else in their family dying on that day.

5 thoughts on “While she was dying, postscript

  1. I keep thinking about this case too and how commonly this happens, and how this one probably came to light only because Ryan Moats is well known. What a lack of humanity the officer felt – how in his eyes this family was subhuman. Yet it’s the officer who acted subhumanly.

  2. I agree with you, the worst part is that her father was in the car, that makes me want to burst out crying.

  3. I saw just a bit of the interview this morning. Absolutely heartbreaking. And as Durgamom points out, the fact that he’s an NFL player most likely contributed to the publicity. How often do things like this happen and not go so public? I’m so saddened for this family.

  4. Interestingly, the Moats family apparently did not take this issue to the press. It was caught by a reporter who then sought to obtain the webcam video.

  5. The Moats are a class act.

    What happened to them is beyond forgiveness. That officer deserves at a minimum to lose his job.

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