Genuine docs just slow you down

Still waiting for my passport.  It doesn’t even show up on the State Department website yet.  But people using false documents apparently aren’t having that problem:

In one instance, the investigator used the Social Security number of a man who died in 1965, a fake New York birth certificate and fake Florida driver’s license. He received a passport four days later.

In another attempt, the investigator used a 5-year-old boy’s information but identified himself as 53 years old on the passport application. He received that passport seven days later.

In another test, the investigator used fake documents to get a genuine Washington D.C. identification card. He then used this card to apply for a passport and received it the same day.

In a fourth test, the investigator used a fake New York birth certificate and a fake West Virginia driver’s license. He got the passport eight days later.

I’ve never gotten a passport in four days. Not even when the wait time used to be two weeks. Current wait is said to be four weeks.

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