‘White people have no freedom of speech’

This is what Jackie Mason said in defense of his “schw*rtze” comment.  Because you know in addition to the general unfairness that Oprah is a multi-bazillionaire even though Jackie is more talented, it’s also grossly unfair that white people cannot speak freely!

This sentiment is commonly uttered by white people and it takes a number of forms:  It’s about “historical accuracy.” Not giving in to the “PC Police.”  About “oversensitivity” stifling free discussion.  About First Amendment rights–hey, we’re white people, we have rights! Why does everybody except white people have the right to free speech? You have to be so careful now and walk on eggshells because otherwise somebody will get offended about something.

So why do white people want freedom of speech?

They want to be able to write racist shit about other people without suffering the consequences.  Because they don’t want their racist speech “stifled.”

They want to be able to dress up in redface and mock First Nations people.  Because racism is a part of “personal expression” as well as free speech.

They want to spew nice-sounding words about cultural diversity while doing nothing about racist “South of the Border” parties.

They want to defend Don Imus’ right to call black college students “nappy headed hos.”  Because “shutting down offensive speech” is against the First Amendment and because black people are haters too!

They want to wear racist Halloween costumes if they feel like it.  Because it’s “all in good fun” and because they have the right to free speech!  So there!

They want to display confederate flags.  And then officials are shocked and don’t know what to do when racial tensions erupt into violence.

They want to use the n-word.  And then defend themselves … why, those black people just misunderstood and misinterpreted what I said!  Because I was actually making a complex free speech argument!

They want the freedom to use ethnic and sexual slurs.   Because they are against censorship, yanno.

Ultimately what it boils down to is that white people want the right to do anything they damn well please.  They are not interested in invoking free speech rights to criticize the government or making any kind of social change.  No, they want to be able to wear a headdress and dance around barefoot.

7 thoughts on “‘White people have no freedom of speech’

  1. When it all comes down to it, this post says everything we need to know about the defenses that White people use when it comes to their race-denigrating humor. It’s no different from the schoolyard bully act – and they act the same way as the schoolyard bully when they get confronted by their “victims.”

  2. We need overseaschinese for this. It looks like “White people read don’t understand / White people hear don’t understand / White people write don’t [something]”

    I agree with other commenters, looks like a non-Chinese-writer wrote it.

  3. It looks like the person was just starting to learn how to write in Chinese, anyway. I’m Chinese, but when I try to write Chinese, it looks like that too.

    Well, maybe not that bad.

  4. Yeah, there’s these fuckers who live in my town who rent a big ass billboard for the backyard that says all these conservative mantras. The latest is “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS = DEATH OF LIBERTY! SPEAK OUT!


    I thought freedom of speech didn’t mean you have the right to say anything and no one can challenge your opinion, it just means the government can’t haul you in and jail you for talking shit about them, right? Same with freedom of press?

    I’m gonna need conservatives, especially white ones, to actually read the got damn Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    @Restructure: Thanks for the link about the chinese characters. Nice to know Asians reminding other Asians they can speak and write in their own language to try to get away from whiteness every now and again is a hate crime. WTF!

  5. The traditional Chinese language teachers I have met would have written this top to bottom, left to right, but there are some teachers and books that use left to right linear, some of the books I have had even begin at the other side. Well, I could be wrong, but to me, the message might mean that Asians are invisible to white people, or white people don’t see Asian people, or something along those lines. Thanks for the link.

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