To all our veterans

Here’s video of white VA hospital director Tom Mattice, who recently made the decision to remove a displayed World War II era newspaper with a racial slur in the headline.  The decision was unpopular with some veterans, but Mattice is holding firm:

What we really want to do is honor all of the veterans who come through these hallways. Who come through our medical center to make sure they feel respected and their service is just as honored as everybody else who has served the country.

Thank you to all of our veterans. And thank you, Thomas Mattice.

One thought on “To all our veterans

  1. Well, I’m a veteran, and I’m glad they took it down. Yes, it’s history, but there’s been enough racism and separatist practices within our military history. Enough. Military folks have to depend on and trust each other more than most, and should be the first people to set that example, lead the way. Keeping that article up is one way of perpetuating the separation and racist heirarchy of military members, and that just needs to end. Period. We can’t undo that history, but we can sure stop perpetuating it.

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