Another first

Jim Yong Kim was named president of Dartmouth College, making him the first Asian American to head an Ivy League university.

I was struck by the last three paragraphs of this article:

Some 14 million Americans are of Asian descent, or five percent of the total population. Their number is expected to nearly triple in 2050 to 41 million, government figures show.

President Barack Obama has named a record three Asian-Americans to his cabinet.

Asian-Americans have gained a reputation for high achievement in universities. But some community activists have called the image harmful, saying that Asian-Americans’ needs — often cultural and linguistic — go overlooked in US education policy.

Wonder if this is something that could be included whenever somebody is appointed to a prominent position:

Some 235 million Americans are white, or 77 percent of the total population. Their number is expected to do something in 2050, although nobody really knows what.

President Barack Obama named eleven whites to his cabinet. This is undoubtedly not a record.

White Americans … [no I’m not going to go there].

2 thoughts on “Another first

  1. ROFLOL!

    You are right, though. Anything other than a white heterosexual male is an exotic, risky, bold (insert any other trotted out adjective) move.

    Shocking, just shocking.


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