‘What Happens When White People Change’

bell hooks:

Love of justice cannot be sustained if it is only a manipulation to be with the in-crowd, whoever they may be.  Many white folks worked for civil rights, then passively dropped the struggle when critiqued by people of color or told by them they were not wanted.  Anti-racist white folks recognize that their ongoing resistance to white supremacism is genuine when it is not determined in any way by the approval or disapproval of people of color.  This does not mean that they do not listen and learn from critique, but rather they understand fully that their choice to be anti-racist must be constant and sustained to give truth to the reality that racism can end.

From Teaching Community.

3 thoughts on “‘What Happens When White People Change’

  1. If blogs had one of those things like Facebook, you’d be reading something that said “Psychobabbler likes this.”

    I heart Bell Hooks.

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