It started with an e-mail

Just one.  Somebody forwarded the picture of Miley Cyrus making the “slant-eye” gesture.

From there it went to the listserves, which were abuzz with comments about how this gesture feeds into systemic racism and about how it should not be tolerated any more.

From there people called for a boycott of Disney, which paid Cyrus a whopping $20+ million last year.

It caught on.  Soon it wasn’t just the Organization of Chinese Americans and the Japanese American Citizen League issuing press statements.  Soon the Families with Children from Vietnam, Families with Children from Asia, Families with Children of Color and Families with Children from China joined in.  They used their contacts to get the word out.  Cyrus’ actions are racist.

They posted the statements on their web pages.  They sent e-mails to their members urging them to take action.  They read Asian American blogs and offered support where others offered hate.  They patiently explained to less-racially-educated members why the “slant-eye” gesture is “real racism.”  And the people who read Mike2Cents’ blog forwarded the addresses for Cyrus’ executive producers and Disney.  They wrote letters.

Michael Poryes (Executive Producer/Creator Hannah Montana)
c/o Debbee Klein
360 N. Crescent Dr.,  North Bldg.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Steven Peterman (Executive Producer/Creator Hannah Montana)
c/o It’s A Laugh Productions
201 N Occidental Blvd Bldg 6
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Rich Ross
President, Disney Channel Worldwide
3800 W Alameda Ave #2026
Burbank, CA 91505

Yeah, it would be nice.  But it’s not going to happen.

7 thoughts on “It started with an e-mail

  1. Of course not. They’re all too busy counting the $$ they’re making off the latest Hannah Montana venture.
    Call me a cynic, but I have very little faith in letter-writing campaigns. My experience is that money…or the lack thereof when people choose to spend it elsewhere…speaks much louder than print.

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