Special offer! Free apologies

Don’t say we at Resist Racism never do anything for you. In an effort to increase the total number of real apologies received by anyone really, but in particular people of colour after some thoughtless racist comment, here is a ready-made apology that can be cut and pasted or learnt by heart.

Make some cards for your friends!

I  am/we are sorry for what I/we did/said. I/we now understand that it was offensive and wrong. I/we will not do it again.

That should suffice. But in the event of a burning need to justify oneself, additional cards could be made:

I/we would like you to know that I/we did not intend to offend anyone. Since I/we did, I/we acknowledge that impact is very different from intent, and realize that I am/we are woefully ignorant of what it means to live in a diverse society. I/we promise to unpack my/our white privilege and help others do so.

One thought on “Special offer! Free apologies

  1. You might want to email these apologies to miley cyrus so she can recycle them the next time she mocks asians.

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