And another thing

I have been assured this is an actual quote from a white adoptive parent.

What about kids who hold up their fingers and do bunny ears in photos? Should
rabbits start holding town meetings to cry racism??

Because obviously ASIANS are on the same order as RABBITS. So fuck, might as well shoot a couple and then toss them in the stew pot. No need for any respect here.

11 thoughts on “And another thing

  1. First black people wanted to be considered equal to whites, and now even Asians want to be equal too! If we give Asians the same rights, we might as well give rights to rabbits!

  2. OMFG – I didn’t think I could be surprised anymore. Holy F-ing cow. You have to hook me up with this source – it’ s like a car wreck – I need to see this up close!

  3. resistance – I did a little more poking around. I did not find that specific instance, but yikes- you’re not kidding about it being too common.

  4. As I’ve said before. Before we allow transracial adoption, we need to test the white parents for their ABILITY to raise a non-white child.

    If the parent flunks the test, obviously, there is no need to let the parent get his/her hands on some poor innocent child.

    I pity that white adoptive parent’s kid(s). S/he is going to need a LOT of therapy ….assuming s/he is actually going to find a therapist who understands his/her issue.

  5. you won’t find that particular comment any more because they deleted it. Maybe they saw the light but I suspect that they saw this blog and wanted to remove the evidence

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