News flash

People of Asian descent, here is your opinion about the term “Oriental”:

There is nothing inherently negative or derogatory in the term ‘oriental’, but it is not a term which originated with Asians and they (especially the younger, more educated ones) do not want to carry the term’s historical baggage, at least in applying the term to people …

Older Asians tend to be less sensitive (and some not at all) to the use of the term ‘Oriental’ in referring to people. Circumstances change.

Got that?

First, there isn’t anything negative or derogatory about the term.  So if you thought so, you’re wrong.  But you younger and more educated Asians won’t want to use it.  You older, less-educated folks are not as hypersensitive.  In fact, some of you are fine with it.

Yes, circumstances change.  Racism has always existed.  The perception of racism by the white world has perhaps changed in insignificant ways. Most markedly change has been noted in the area of white people suddenly discovering and attempting to define what is and what is not racist. 

But people of color are capable of speaking for themselves.  And should. Because otherwise old white guys will speak for you. Some of whom appear to be less educated and less sensitive.

6 thoughts on “News flash

  1. Well, that clears everything up for me now. :rolleyes:
    No dictionary definition of “Oriental” to back up the assertion?

  2. Fantastic. More moronic drivel from adoptive white parents? Thanks for telling me what I should think about terms applied to my own ethnicity.

  3. The term ‘ventriloquy’ in this context conjures up in my mind associations with Macon D:

    And yet, if I’m reading your post right, you offer no guidelines for proper forms of generalization by whites about the racial experiences of people of color. […] So I’m wondering, where and how do you think a white person CAN effectively generalize about POC, based on what POC say or write?

    However, Macon D believes himself to be educated and sensitive, especially about race and whiteness. He’s been working such topics, professionally and otherwise, for over a dozen years, and has “credentials”. He was also interviewed on NPR.

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