‘The Star Spanglish Banner’

Hate crimes against people of Latino descent are on the rise. And the murders of Jose Sucuzhanay and Marcelo Lucero show how deadly hate can be.

Idiots like Chip Saltsman say that distributing songs like “The Star Spanglish Banner” is just in good fun.  But hate doesn’t arise out of thin air.  It’s fed, nurtured and defended by racists.  Right, Huckabee?

Jose can you see
By the dawn’s early light
Cross the border we sailed
As the Gringos were sleeping

What broad stripes and bright stars
We like red, green, and white
On the day that we marched
We were gallantly screaming

And the rally was where
We waved flags in the air
As proof in daylight
That our flag was not theirs

Jose does that star spangled banner yet wave
For the land of weak knees
In DC, no one’s free

3 thoughts on “‘The Star Spanglish Banner’

  1. What the…? The song doesn’t even make sense. And what a lazy parody. Half the lyrics are exactly the same as the original.

  2. (PS: oh … I’m reading backwards – busted computer for the last couple of weeks – and see that you already addressed that CD in the post before this. oops. Guess I should read forward instead …)

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