‘We don’t do jokes like that’

That’s what the spokesperson for a joke-by-text service said.  It’s a common way of responding to racism.  “We don’t tolerate racism here.”  “We are committed to diversity and inclusion.”

The text service sent two racist jokes, one about an “Asian” and the other about a “Pakistani,” in its pay service.

“We don’t do jokes like that.”  And yet this still happens.  Imagine.

2 thoughts on “‘We don’t do jokes like that’

  1. Those jokes were outrageous.

    I noted this in the article: ““I feel disgusted and ashamed. It almost makes me feel ashamed of myself for the fact that they sent it,” he said.”

    I feel ashamed as a Brit to read this article, because I know that people will judge the country of my birth based on this incident. But I also know that the shame the young man feels is not the same. It is the shame on which low self-esteem is based. Take note all parents of children of colour.

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