5 thoughts on “10 days in jail

  1. In my area, many Christian women wear various forms of head covering , and I’ve never heard of an instance of them being forced to remove it.

    What would they do about a medical condition that required some kind of headgear? The AMA would probably protect them, but shouldn’t the constitution protect specifically Muslims, Christians, and anyone else?

  2. I wondered if chemotherapy patients wearing hats or nuns wearing habits would be requested to remove them. A quick search found a couple of cases where men were requested to remove yarmulkes, but overall the main “headgear offenders” appear to be people wearing hijab or Sikhs wearing turbans.

  3. I’m so shocked the initial police version varied so greatly from the actual events (rolls eyes). Actually, I’m amazed they didn’t tase her.

    Law enforcement in this country continues to spiral out of control. Maybe someday our society will rise up as an informed whole and put an end to taxpayer-supported sadism.

    There are plenty of mentally-stable, well-educated individuals who would love to do the job. Time to terminate the employment of these pit bulls with badges who embarrass those of us in public safety and sue any department that attempts to cover up their misconduct.

    It was a nice attempt at a cover-up though. Bravo!

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