‘In Jesus name’

A Sikh American was turned away from a Roanoke Rapids (NC) community center hosting a food drive:

Upon entering the facility, Mr. Khera was told by a receptionist that “this is the United States” and that he needed to remove his Dastaar [the Sikh turban]. When Mr. Khera attempted to explain the religious significance of the Dastaar, the receptionist refused to speak with him. When the Reverend in charge of the facility was summoned, Mr. Khera offered a handshake, but the Reverend reportedly refused to reciprocate and asked Mr. Khera and his wife to leave the facility, saying: “Go donate to some other place; we do not need your donations unless you remove your turban.”

The man, Mr. Gurnam Singh Khera, had also wanted his children to volunteer in the food kitchen.

But wait! There’s more!

Here’s the response from the Union Mission:

We are a Christ centered ministry that has been serving our communities “in Jesus name” from our own private facilities since 1951. We have a long standing policy that is displayed on our lobby door that all males are required to remove their head gear. We feed meals everyday and welcome the idea of others doing the same as our communities are certainly in need of more than we are able to do.

Being supported totally by donations we don’t turn them away. Couldn’t his donation be used by the local Langar you speak of? I can think of several options; send it by another person, mail or internet … donate to another charity.

Rev Ronald C Weeks
Executive Director
Union Mission of Roanoke Rapids, NC, Inc

So basically the “ministry” has said twice “We don’t want your donation–go somewhere else.” And yet it’s “Christ centered” “in Jesus name.”

2 thoughts on “‘In Jesus name’

  1. Don’t these people realise Jesus wasn’t Christian? And that he was brown? And that he covered his head when worshipping God?

  2. Folks in the area should use the “donate to another charity” line in their own advertising – to get a larger piece of the altruistic pie. Overall, I think giving is down, this year, so I don’t know of any other organizations that are turning away donations and volunteers. What a stupid thing to say.

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