Quick math and Proposition 8

Okay, I assumed everybody over the age of 18 voted.  And I assumed that they voted in numbers reflecting their percentages in the population.  In reality, black voters typically represent less than their numbers would suggest for a number of reasons.  But here’s a quick thought on why blaming the African American vote for Proposition 8 is just plain flawed:

2006 estimated population over the age of 18 – 26,978,586
Black persons (assumes percentage in population over 18 is the same as percentage in population as the whole, 6.7 percent) – 1,807,565
White persons (same assumption) – 20,746,532

70 percent of black voters = 1,265,295
51 percent of white voters = 10,580,731

See a little problem with the numbers there?

In any event, there are other groups that voted largely for Proposition 8.  Eighty percent of people who attend church regularly reportedly voted for Proposition 8.  A large majority of white republicans also voted for Proposition 8.  And the Church of the Latter Day Saints funded and supported the proposition as well.

But white gay attacks appear to forget these demographics.  And they forget one other little fact–many black people are themselves gay.  I’m disgusted with white gay activists who blame African Americans for Proposition 8, as if homophobia is solely a problem of the African American community.  Additionally, it is never safe to assume that any group who suffers from oppression will immediately understand the oppression of others.  Straight African Americans have no greater moral mandate to recognize oppression, although I personally think it would be nice if we could all work on this.

But most of all I am disgusted with white people who point out that they voted for Obama as if they have done people of color a favor.  Let’s get one thing straight:  You voted for Obama because you couldn’t stand the thought of voting for McCain.  You didn’t do it because of your solidarity with your black brothers and sisters.  Because if you did, maybe you wouldn’t play the blame game.

2 thoughts on “Quick math and Proposition 8

  1. I actually think thanks to blog like these the anger and backlash against ‘black’ voters is dying down as people realize how faulty and unrepresentative those CNN exit polls are.

    Forgive my ‘white’ gay bros for lashing out — people hardly react with a thank you note when they see their civil rights taken away and that too particularly with a ‘70%’ number flashing on their screens besides a particular group …

    Homophobia is certainly not solely a problem in the African-American community. It is something that should be addressed, along with heterosexism, in all segments of society.


  2. I think my objection is the use of this vote to justify racism. In addition, it sounds a lot like, “How dare they!”

    Several prominent white gay men have made their positions quite clear. In their minds, the GLBT community is white.

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