Reason #41 to be against guns*

Because there are too many stupid people in the world.  One of whom was apparently allowed to parent an 8-year-old boy and be responsible for his death.

Click on this link with the warning that the stupidity is terrifying, heartbreaking and unbelievable.  The father is the director of a Connecticut hospital’s ER.

Edited to add:  At the bottom of this link, there is a picture of what appears to be a kid shooting off a Heckler & Koch while somebody else takes his picture.  The dad involved in the kid’s death was also taking a picture.  Wonder how that pic turned out.

*I note that I used to be pro-gun.  I’m also a good shot.

One thought on “Reason #41 to be against guns*

  1. hey resistance, i am a good shot too. i could shoot a squirrel in the head with a 22, i even had a little lady wesson from my father, actually it was a tiny german luger.
    and i hate guns, i wouldn’t have a gun in my house if you paid me.

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