Orientals not wanted here

A potential student to a university in Wales has accused the institution of racism after a run-in with a university employee when she attempted to apply for an accounting course:

“The man said something like ‘I’m not saying you’re Chinese but people like you, Oriental people, tend to accept what is written in the books and what the lecturer says, whereas this kind of course is nothing like you have studied in the past, it requires more analytical skills, you will have to do more yourself.”

And then he ‘mislaid’ her application. Odgerel Hatenboer, of Mongolian origin, holds a Masters degree in development ecomonics from the University of Manchester – a considerably more venerable institution than Glyndwr, which was until recently a Further Education College.

The BBC translated his comments as, “the course might not be suitable for ‘people like you, Oriental people’.

Here’s my take: You Communists are all sheep incapable of thinking for yourselves.

So what did the university say? You’d expect a shame-faced apology for such blatant racism, right? Dr Thomas Moore, director of policy and projects, (note, not the top man Vice-Chancellor, nor any of the three Pro Vice-Chancellors), said:

“the university [does] not tolerate any form of racist behaviour.”

We are not racist here and we’re bloody well not going to let you trap us into admitting we might be by apologising for it.

“The university has apologised that due to human error Mrs Hatenboer’s application form was misplaced at the open day.”


“We are disappointed that Mrs Hatenboer remains dissatisfied with the outcome despite prompt action to clarify the matter.”

What more does the Oriental bitch want? Blood?

7 thoughts on “Orientals not wanted here

  1. It’s funny how “we do not tolerate any form of racist behavior” is a common response to charges of racism. I received a very similar response after writing to an institution about racist incidents.

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  5. interesting post, interesting blog. i agree, this ‘we do not tolerate racism’ is such a public relations spin, the best answer without answering… i wonder if students at the university in question have organized any protests/ responses.

  6. They need to understand that regardless of whether or not they “tolerate racist behavior” it happened, what’s the next step?

  7. Racists always say “we do not tolerate racism of any kind”. It’s basically a sentence that means nothing.

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