Here it is.

Sitting on the floor.  WTF


11 thoughts on “Here it is.

  1. So they made a conscious decision to leave a gaping hole in the top row next to Papa McCain, and instead have her sit on the floor like the family pet? That’s so freaking f-ed up.

    I wonder, was this the same photographer who made the adopted Pitt-Jolies lurk around in a half-dressed state while the rest of them took front and center in white?

  2. That’s a good question, Ji In. The photographer for the McCains was Nigel Parry. I’ll check on the other when I get a chance.

    There are many obvious, conscious decisions that were made about this photograph. Notice how Bridget in both photos is situated in front of somebody wearing dark clothing. On the cover, she is in front of her sister who is wearing a brown dress. As durgamom noted, she is also placed where the magazine rack would completely hide her.

    Funny, too, how Meghan (the blonde daughter) is posed with her breasts jutting out. She’s in a 3/4 as opposed to a full face.

  3. What is the source of this photo? Posting a photo without the basic information of what magazine and the issue date renders the commentary meaningless. I agree with the commentary that the McCain family dynamics which always seem to place the adopted daughter on the floor when posing for “official” campaign photos is appalling, but no one can use this example because it can not be cited, because the most basic citation facts are missing. In what publication did this photo appear, and when? Thanks

  4. Long time lurker coming out of hiding. . .

    Bridget’s placement and the placement of all the McCain children seem to be quite strategic and telling. On the one side, you have John and Cindy with their “real” children. Fold the magazine in half and you’ve got the perfect family portrait – two White parents with their three White biological offspring with the caption “The Real McCains.” The fake McCains are on the other side of the spread. Of lesser significance are McCain’s other three White children – technically McCains, but not real McCains since they’re from a different marriage – placed on the other side of the sofa. Of least import, the most “fake” McCain, the obviously not White adopted one sitting on the floor. The cynic in me says this was a deliberate measure orchestrated by the McCain campaign and family.

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  6. You know whats odd? I hope i’m not being paranoid but this is the SECOND picture (of two pictures that I’ve ever seen) where McCain’s adopted daughter is sitting at the lowest spot.


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