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I occasionally enjoy going to the doctor, because it affords me the opportunity to read People Magazine.  Although the recent issue did make me want to wash afterwards.

Here’s the cover image.  That’s McCain’s entire brood.  Two of his children were the biological children of his first wife; he adopted them.  One is their biological daughter.  He has four kids with his current wife.  Three biological children and one daughter adopted from Bangladesh.  That’s her sitting at Cindy McCain’s right in the lowest position. 

I couldn’t find a web copy of the inside photograph, which is a spread.  McCain and his blonde daughter Meghan stand behind a sofa; to his left (with considerable distance between) stands his daughter from his first marriage.

Cindy McCain sits on the sofa with the four sons.  Her sons flank her; the first wife’s sons sit on the outer edges.  In the caption, she is listed as “wife Cindy”–that’s to make sure you don’t confuse any of the other kids for McCain’s wife.  I think his oldest son is only five years younger than Cindy.

The set-up struck me as a little weird–McCain is in a row with his daughters (except the adopted one) and Cindy is in a row with the sons.

Where is the adopted daughter?  Why, she’s SITTING ON THE FLOOR AT CINDY MCCAIN’S FEET.

Fucking hell.  There’s plenty of space for her to stand in the back row with her sisters.  The oldest daughter is standing with a large gap between her and McCain.  You could stick two people in there and they wouldn’t even brush shoulders.  You could also seat Bridget on the couch.  I don’t think anybody is even touching.

And that’s one of the things that I found so disturbing about the photographs.  My family isn’t particularly touchy-feely, but in family photographs we’re usually standing pretty close together.  Somebody will lay a hand on another family member’s arm; there will be arms tucked around each other and bumping knees and thighs and all that.  (Boy, sounds kind of unsanitary when you write it down.)

But I think the thing that really got me was seeing 17-year-old Bridget sitting on the floor at her mother’s feet.  I think we’ve covered People’s love of white folks before.  But it’s still like a slap in the face.

8 thoughts on “People Magazine

  1. You’re not kidding. I saw this on the newsstands yesterday and she was so far at the bottom that she was completely obscured by the magazine rack.

    I saw this article recently according to which Bridget also has the smallest interest in Cindy McCain’s beer company:

    “In addition, Meghan, Jack and James, the biological children of Mr. and Mrs. McCain, each have 7.73 percent of Hensley & Company. Andy McCain, 45, the senator’s stepson, has 6.8 percent. Bridget McCain, the McCain’s adopted daughter, has shares worth 3.4 percent. (Ms. Hazelbaker of the McCain campaign said Bridget’s stake would eventually equal her siblings’.)”

  2. “Completely obscured by the magazine rack” … hmmm. Sounds like a deliberate choice by People.

    You really need to see the interior photograph. She is sitting on the floor at Cindy’s feet. Like a dog or something.

  3. I hope Bridget finds IAT or something, Cindy has some fn nerve to not share the inheritance equally, that totally stinks, and I am being polite here.

    If the McLames had adopted Bridget in an ethical manner, they would have promised a treat her with all the rights of a biological child. Even the state of New York forces health care plans to provide the same rights to an adopted child as a biological child. Cindy is a witch and a dog all rolled in one, how the heck she was able to adopt as a druggie with two blue marbles for eyes is beyond me.

  4. I’m shocked they even have Bridget in this picture. In most of the family pictures, she’s not there. They really need to treat Bridget better. She’s not a dog.

  5. Maybe the adopted daughter should be under Cindy’s feet, serving as a footstool for the Goddess Cindy.

  6. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who found this appalling.
    The cover shocked me – and I said so loudly in the drugstore!
    Hoping to find better, more inclusive photos inside, I was equally shocked to see the daughter at their feet like some pariah.

    I tried to imagine the different scenarios:

    They have a teenage daughter/sister who insists on sitting on the floor (maybe she’s insecure?) They could have demanded she join the family or someone could have joined her on the floor to make her feel included – or at least give the illusion that she is part of the family.

    Or maybe the handlers or photographers suggested it. If this is the case, then I guess no one in the family had the cojones or sense to challenge this.

    Or maybe their all so clueless and didn’t give it a second thought.

    Cindy McCain = Borg Queen

  7. Hello all!

    First of all I am an Indian adoptee. Therefore, Bridget is in a SIMILAR boat to me. After reading this article it made me think too about McCain’s attitude. Since Ms. McCain has $$$ coming out of her ears, it seems she treats Bridget like a charity case or something. MY parents ARE NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL!

    It’s ironic to see McCain’s attitude toward his daughter & also one would think he would BE WAY MORE CULTURALLY SENSITIVE & PROGRESSIVE MINDED. !!!!


  8. [Typical comment from person without nothing substantial to say so resorts to ad hominem. Additionally invokes various WHIB, notably #10a.]

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