The $54 million dollar pants guy

Roy Pearson. Remember him? He’s the administrative law judge who brought a $54 million dollar suit against a dry cleaners because they allegedly lost his pants.  After a lengthy and expensive trial, the court found in favor of the cleaners.

I was really impressed by the Chungs, who expressed a desire to get on with their lives and not dwell on the lawsuit.  They even said they would take Pearson back as a client.  And although they could have forced him to pay their legal fees, they declined to do so as a fund  had been established that covered the majority of the costs.

Now the Court of Appeals has agreed to hear his case.

Maybe the court should watch this video.


2 thoughts on “The $54 million dollar pants guy

  1. Wow, powerful video. Beautiful people. I remember that lawsuit, and this portrait really does bring to life the harm of such lawsuits. All I can say is thank you for bringing it to my attention.

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