White people

This is an actual photo from the most recent People Magazine, but the “White People” version is from here.  Here’s the caption from People:

The Palins (from left): Bristol (named after Alaska’s Bristol Bay), Willow (a town in the state), Todd, Sarah, Trig and Piper. The Palins’ son Track (as in track and field, a family passion) is in the Army. The McCains: John, Cindy and Meghan in Dayton, Ohio, Aug. 29.

McCain actually has seven kids. Two were the children of his first wife whom he adopted. He had a bio child with the first wife, three bio kids with the second wife and one kid adopted from Bangladesh. Guess that would be too messy of a caption.

People also featured the white kids in a photo feature about Angelina and Brad.

Is this a bizarre photo or what? Looks like the cast of some bad television show. Which will be unfortunately playing in our nation’s capital if some of you community organizers don’t get busy.

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