The Saddleback report

CNN posted the transcript of the Saddleback Forum here. I went over and watched it on youtube first, and then came back and read through the transcript. A gold star for anybody who can name a few of the issues that weren’t even touched.

After watching, I really do have to wonder if McCain was briefed in advance on the questions. He seems to know immediately where the interviewer is going before the interviewer himself gets there. And he refers to going “back” to a question that hasn’t been asked yet.

Here’s the closing:

.. but I want every American to know that when I go to Gee’s Bend, Alabama, and meet the African-American women there who are so wonderful and lovely, an experience I’ll never forget, and when I go to places where I know they probably won’t vote for me, I know that my job is to tell them that I’ll be the president of every American and I’ll always put my country first …

… I say to them that I’d like to be in every venue in America. This is an important – this is a very important election. Our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values and principles.

I’m happy to be here in a church. I’m happy to be here in a place that with your programs such as PEACE, such as your help throughout the world, such as your outreach to so many thousands of Americans. I’m honored to be here, and I thank you.

Edited to add: I think Obama was really searching for thoughtful answers to difficult questions. McCain sounded more like he was giving palatable, succinct sound bites. His responses seemed overly simplistic to me. Abortion? Absolutely wrong, I’m pro-life! Evil? Defeat it! Gas crisis? Offshore drilling! And black people? Hey, I love those women at Gee’s Bend!

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