The ‘real’ kids, part ii

I read this crap so you don’t have to. ™ Be a little grateful, would ya?

So here’s how People Magazine’s photo spread breaks down in terms of face time for the kids:

Cover: Large photo of Brad and Angelina with bio twins, small inset photograph of other bio kid holding one of the twins.

Two page photo: Angelina and Brad and twins (all dressed in white)

Two page photo: Bio kid, twins, Angelina (all dressed in white)

Two page photo: Twins

Two page photo: Kids with Angelina and Brad and twins identified as Pax (wearing dark cargo pants, no shirt), Zahara (grey sweater, no apparent pants), Shiloh (white).

One page photo: Bio kid and one twin.

Two page photo: Zahara (peach colored top), twins, Brad

Two page photo: Maddox (Yamaha blue ringer tee-shirt), twins, B, Pax (again, pants only)

3/4 page photo: Brad, Angelina, twins

Most of two pages: Pax wearing only a tie and one twin

Two page photo: Pax, Zahara, Angelina, Brad, twins

If you haven’t already run up your scorecard, here’s my count: Angelina 5, Brad 6, Shiloh 3, Pax 4, Zahara 3, Maddox 1. That’s not counting the small pics of each of the non-twin kids after their arrival.

I found it fascinating that Angelina, Brad, the twins and the other bio kid are dressed in all-white and wonder if that was the choice of the family or the choice of the photographer. Often white clothing is avoided by photographers (I was once asked to change my shirt during a filming) so I have to guess it was an intentional choice on somebody’s part.

Also (get out the brain soap), the interview notes that the twins were given meaningful family names, names that are passed down from ? Angelina’s ? family. I don’t know enough about the family to know where Pax, Zahara, Maddox and Shiloh got their names, but I’d be willing to bet ten bucks on the first three.

Wonder how she’s doing on “balancing the races.” Guess she has to get at least three more brown kids.

Incidentally, the librarian told me that two women got in a fistfight over the People magazine yesterday.

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