DNA tests confirm Guatemalan baby stolen

Link here.

This article notes that this is the first time proof has been offered that a stolen child was put up for adoption.  Can that be possible?  I swear I’ve been reading allegations of Guatemalan baby trafficking for at least ten years now.

Why are people still adopting from Guatemala?

6 thoughts on “DNA tests confirm Guatemalan baby stolen

  1. Speaking as a US citizen, am I silly to think that the US should protect US citizen adoptive parents in some way – like not allowing adoption from countries theta re inherently corrut with adoption until they come up with a very transparent adoption remedy (like thank goodness for the DNA testing etc.

  2. Actually, when ppl push for stricter adoption laws, its usually US parents who protest because they want the unrestricted ability to acquire children. They don’t care if some Guatemalan man or woman’s life is destroyed because their child was stolen and given to Americans.

  3. Resistance, It might be the first time that it was proved that the DNA testing was falsified. I think Guatemala started DNA testing to prevent the adoption of stolen children. The sad part about adoption from Guatemala is that I believe women are treated like puppie mills, producing babies to support their families. Of course that may not be true in every case, but it seems to be a very corrupt adoption process to me. Also one of them most expensive.

  4. It was the United States who started the DNA testing, not Guatemala. Now, there are two DNA tests. One at the beginning of the process and another at the end so that the baby cannot be switched.

  5. Sue, you’re right, the DNA tests are required by the US embassy, but it still didn’t prevent this woman having her baby stolen, and the dna testing falsified.

    Panracial, I agree with you, most of the time waiting adoptive parents get very upset when more stringent procedures are introduced or a program shuts down, ect. but I would guess that the majority of parents would not want a baby that was stolen, especially after that baby grows up and finds out about it.

  6. panracial is right, adoptive parents generally protest, sometime in a very organized manner whenever anything comes up to impede adoption. I think the real issue is naivety on the part of APs in trusting their agencies to be screening this kind of corruption out in their behalf. It’s irresponsible, but I personally don’t know any APs who are so cold and calculating that they don’t care about destroying someone’s life in Guatemala. That said, I could point you to blogs and message board posts that smack of such entitlement that I can understand why one might conclude the ugliness suggested here on the part of APs

    This article actually is misleading by saying this is the first case. There are a lot of ways even the double DNA test could be thwarted. The article does not mention where in the process this child was at the time. Given the huge range of timelines (anywhere from 5 months to 3 years), it’s possible the US Embassy DNA test hadn’t even taken place yet. On the other hand – this is not the first case where a DNA test revealed corruption. In fact, I remember reading other stories of mismatch DNA tests – people have even posted about it on message boards when it happens to them. There never seem to be any follow-up story on what exactly happened (stolen, coercion, pay-offs). The difference is that the new gov’t in Guatemala is interested in publicizing that they are cleaning things up – which is probably a good thing.

    Using a stand in child, or simply falsified documents seem to be the most likely A stand in could even be used for both tests, although given the timing of the case here. Bribes are possible in any process like Guatemala used to have.

    It’s really a disgusting situation, and makes me physically ill to think about it.

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