5 thoughts on “Russia bans three agencies

  1. The agencies that were banned are not even named, so the consumer has no idea which agencies to avoid. Adoption agencies seem to have the power of the gag clause wherever they go, whatever they do.

    Seems that the adoptive parent checked himself into a hospital.

  2. According to this story, the agency in this case was European Adoption Consultants. It also mentions that in the past three years, there have been at least five deaths of adopted Russian children in the U.S.

  3. Ha, buried in a language I can’t read, but I found it.

    One of the worst cases of abuse has to be Masha, she didn’t even have her own room or bed, adopted by a pedophile.

  4. According to this article, European Adoption Consultants has not yet been banned but is being investigated. Two other agencies have been banned, the Cradle of Hope Adoption Center and Family and Children’s Agency.

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