More on privilege and adoption

I was bemused by this article that discusses when to stop adding children to your family through adoption. I mean, why should the reasons be any different from those of a biological family? Oh yeah, I forgot – adoption is also about ‘saving the children’. <sigh>

Anyway, this paragraph in particular screamed privilege at me:

Loving these children, our gifts from other mothers, countries, and cultures, has opened doors to the world that I no longer hesitate to enter. Our children have introduced us to the world of birth families, world cultures, racial issues, traumatic realities, unexpected surgeries, parasites completely unfamiliar to US doctorsour children have forced my husband and I to gain knowledge, face prejudice, challenge beliefs, explore religions, compare cultures, establish behavioral routines and stretch our otherwise-normal-and possibly-boring lives to embrace five vibrant, fabulous human beings whom we love desperately.

Health issues aside – of which I hope most people remain ignorant, APs or not – it seems to me such a shame that such everyday phenomena as “world cultures” and “racial issues”, things that surround most of us or are at the very least easily accessible, just aren’t on the radar of the majority. And of course, there is no mention of cultures within the author’s own country which might differ from her own and be similar to the birth cultures of her children.

And what responsibility she puts on her children! They have introduced her to and forced her to face new things and, heaven forbid!, gain knowledge. One day, they may figure that out.

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