My mom had groupies, part ii

Update from the Michelle Schwartz Chronicles:

So I got what I hope was the final response from that woman at Beam Global. I refused to communicate by any method by email, and she was set on me calling her, so… there shall be no communication. In her last email to me she sent me their marketing code of practice. This pdf discussed their high standards and their commitment to responsible advertising.

Oh yes, they have very high standards. Here is an example of their high standards, which was linked to me by Audra Williams:

On Friday, Canadian Club Whisky will host a spoof protest outside Toronto showings of Sex and the City to “protest the rise of the pink, girlie cocktail and the demise of the masculine cocktail.”

The planned protests will be staffed by young men hired by a promotional company, who will stand outside movie theatres throughout the day holding signs saying “No Pink Drinks” and chanting such witticisms as “Hey hey, ho ho, girly drinks have got to go.”

“It’s kind of reminding people that there are other options,” said Ginny Homewood, brand manager for Canadian Club Whisky. “You can have a sophisticated cocktail that doesn’t look like a martini.”

But isn’t promoting whisky in front of a crowd of avowed cosmopolitan drinkers a bad idea? Would you go to a Big Lebowski festival and make fun of people who drink white Russians?

The campaigns will probably be ignored by those who attend the movie this week, an audience that is expected to be almost exclusively women.


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