Breaking news! America no longer racist!

You heard it here first.

From “Blacks who excel disprove notion America’s racist”

Blacks who succeed – who go to Ivy League colleges and law schools and excel – trouble the race men of yesteryear, because they disprove the maxim that America is racist.

This is not a new thought–the idea of the “crab mentality” (in which a crab trying to escape a pot will be yanked back in by the others) has been around for a long time. But if America is not racist, how do you explain social inequalities? Genetic inferiority?

The writer of this opinion piece goes on to describe what “good” African Americans should be like:

The Barack Obamas of our time are not down with the angry black bigots who pastor to the flock of despairing separatists. Their role models are heart surgeons, corporate CEOs, and astronomers – not hatemongers who see white people behind every corner, waiting to block their advancement.

So apparently your choices are clear. You can be a heart surgeon or a corporate CEO or an astronomer or maybe even a presidential candidate–but you cannot be angry about racism. Because if you are, you risk being described as “bitter,” “old-fashioned,” “paranoid,” a “race man” and a “crackpot.” You are “blacker than thou” and a “black fanatic.” You are talking about the past, about “how things used to be in America.” You “embrace” segregation, you’re racially fanatic, you identify with “racial tripe,” you’re a “despairing separatist.”

I’m pretty sure that African American heart surgeons or corporate CEOs (all three of them in the Fortune 500, less than one percent) or astronomers and maybe even presidential candidates are aware that racism is not a thing of the past. My experience has been that people of color who become very successful are painfully aware of racism. They succeed in spite of racism, not because of the lack of racism.

But the fact that they are often prevented from speaking out about it, that they are held up to other people of color in order to shame them, that they are used as examples of America’s lack of racism, is in itself a damning condemnation of the United States.

Because I see Michael Meyers, the writer of this opinion piece, to be one of the crabs in the pot.

(Note: Meyers previously wrote a flawed defense of free speech in the Washington Post and I commented about it here.)

Edited to add: Here’s the transcript from Wright’s talk before the National Press Club. Go read it and think about whether Meyers’ description fits:

Wright’s talk before the National Press Club – a talk that shamed Obama and revealed Wright as a bitter, old-fashioned, paranoid and unabashed “race man,” and which drew Obama’s repudiation – has consigned Wright to the dustbins of history as a crackpot.

Because I think he’s using the old tactic of stating something as if it were a truth. Saying it over again and again will make it a truth.

2 thoughts on “Breaking news! America no longer racist!

  1. Hey, folks, I’m passing along an “E for Excellence” blog award for this really excellent blog.

    What you do here is great.

  2. *headdesk* Gotta love it when those people live in a willfully induced fantasy world.

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