Missing: Sumei Hu


The 38-year-old Chinese woman flew into O’Hare (Chicago) airport on Feb. 26. Video footage shows her checking through customs. But she never showed up in the terminal where her husband was waiting.

Here’s the part that makes me go hmmmm …

Police were also trying to determine who paid for Hu’s ticket to China. Frasch [the husband] said a female friend in Sheboygan had paid for the ticket with her credit card, but he could not recall the friend’s name.

Story here.

6 thoughts on “Missing: Sumei Hu

  1. Mabybe Sumei Hu and her husband did not have a happy marriage, which is common among internet marriages. It is possible that she cleared the custom and went into a bathroom. When she came out of the bathroom, she could be under such disguise that her husband did not recognize her. She then left the airport with her friend and disappeared from the airport. She may be somewhere in a Chinatown working…

  2. Weasel’s been watching too many movies.

    It does make one wonder, it’s not that easy to use a second party credit card to travel internationally. And it’s not that hard to trace the owner of a valid credit card. The husband not knowing who bought the plane ticket doesn’t sound right either. I wish it was a movie, then I could find out what happened really fast.

  3. Sooooo…..what are we supposed to assume happened here? He really did meet up with her and then bumped her off and told everyone she never arrived at the terminal? That she’s being unjustly held in police custody and they won’t tell anyone?

    Maybe she did jump on another plane? Or just decided to take off. Maybe she didn’t want anything to do with her husband???


  4. I think your guys opinions are hilarious. She is my step mom. “The husband” is my dad. The friend that bought her ticket to come back was one of her friends from school. And you are right, she hates being in America. She is in Chicago and she doesn’t want to come back. I don’t know why she came back.

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