Hey! She’s in the paper!

Lisa Marie Rollins is quoted in an article in the SF Gate:

“Any adoption situation, regardless of international or domestic, always has issues of grief, issues of loss, issues of abandonment. We as adults continually deal with it,” says Lisa Marie Rollins, the founder of local group Adopted & Fostered Adults of the African Diaspora who is writing her dissertation on transracial adoption. She said she was “completely taken aback” when she heard the “Juno” lines in a clip.

I appreciated several things about this article. First, it begins with an adoptive parent who is not white. Second, the voices of adult adoptees are featured. However, I still think it gives entirely too many inches to white adoptive parents.

Wouldn’t it be novel if a mainstream media piece completely left them out?

But I digress. Love to see LMR in the news.

2 thoughts on “Hey! She’s in the paper!

  1. I wish they would have added that families are being forced by law to give up and/or abort children they want. Furthermore, as stated in the book Wanting a Daughter, Needing a Son, there are enough people within China willing to take these babies that international adoption need not occur. If we really want to help these babies, let’s fight against the human rights abusive Chinese family policies and allow people to keep their own kids. I will never understand how First World parents will let laws that separate parents from their children like a slave auction go unchallenged simply so that they can have a child – and then have the nerve to consider themselves humanitarian.

  2. I agree with your assessment of the article. It totally lost its focus during those wap quotes and regained it when LMR was quoted. I decided not to see Juno after reading Harlow’s review so this was the first time I realized where the iPod “joke” was coming from.

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