Blogging heroes?

I must not get out much. But wait! Wouldn’t staying in mean that I should have heard of some of these folks? New book about “Blogging heroes.” Why exactly are they heroes?  How many do you read? And who’s on your must-read list?

  • Dave Taylor The Intuitive Life Business Blog
  • Chris Anderson The Long Tail
  • Gina Trapani Lifehacker
  • Ina Steiner AuctionBytes
  • Mary Jo Foley All About Microsoft
  • Dave Rothman TeleRead
  • Frank Warren PostSecret
  • Mike Masnick Techdirt
  • Mark Frauenfelder
  • Robert Scoble Scobleizer
  • Peter Rojas Engadget
  • John Neff Autoblog
  • Ken Fisher Ars Technica
  • Deborah Petersen Life in the Fast Lane
  • Joel Comm
  • Brian Lam Gizmodo
  • Kristin Darguzas ParentDish
  • Chris Grant Joystiq
  • Scott McNulty The Unofficial Apple Weblog
  • Philipp Lenssen Google Blogoscoped
  • Brad Hill Weblogs, Inc.
  • Steve Rubel Micro Persuasion
  • Rebecca Lieb ClickZ
  • Deidre Woollard Luxist
  • Gary Lee An Internet Marketing Web Site
  • Richard MacManus Read/WriteWeb
  • Eric T. Internet Duct Tape
  • Victor Agreda DIY Life
  • Steve Garfield Steve Garfield’s Video Blog
  • Grant Robertson Download Squad

4 thoughts on “Blogging heroes?

  1. I read quite a few of them. But then again, I guess I’m supposed to be a “hero” so maybe it’s all about “with great power comes great responsibility”? :-)

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