Whatever! part II

Here are the charges against that second couple mentioned in the previous post:

According to the indictment, agency employees were sent to markets in Samoa looking for pregnant women, who were then told they would be compensated with “humanitarian aid” if they agreed to send their babies overseas to the United States, where they would be raised by families until they were 18 and then returned. In many cases, parents who did not speak very good English were persuaded to sign legal documents in English, relinquishing parental rights. Some parents were given small items, small amounts of money or even bags of rice as compensation, the indictment states.

They are reportedly already adoptive parents. How did their home study go?

“They’re committed to their children,” licensed clinical social worker Jennifer Mowery, who conducted a home study of the couple, told a judge today.

But opponents point out two of their adopted children, born in Romania, were sent at a young age to live with a friend in American Samoa in 2000, and the Bankses have not seen them since. A third child, a boy also born in Romania who has cerebral palsy, was placed in an Orem care facility when he was 12.

And hanging over their heads is a federal indictment accusing them of tricking parents in Samoa into placing their children for adoption.

Oops. Forgot those little details.

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