Your racism will cost you half a million!

This story is about a Prospect Heights (IL) church that refused a one million dollar bid for its property from a Korean American church. Instead, the church reportedly accepted a bid from a primarily white congregation for half that amount.

The suit alleges that at a June 10 meeting where the Antioch Korean Covenant Church proposal was under discussion, members of the Prospect Heights Community Church council urged the congregation to vote against accepting the Korean church’s bid.

“The remarks included statements that ‘Koreans are dirty,’ ‘Koreans do not clean their site’ and ‘Korean kids are running around and cannot be controlled,’ or words to that effect, in response to which a number of Prospect members cheered,” the suit states. Kim said Prospect Heights Community Church members who attended the meeting told her church what had been said.

In a subsequent meeting, members of Antioch Korean Covenant Church discussed the vote with the Prospect Heights Community Church council. Don Sampen, the Korean church’s attorney, attended that meeting and said the council members didn’t deny making the comments but also didn’t see anything wrong with them.

I’m always a little taken aback when people say that the church can’t be racist. Obviously they have no knowledge of history whatsoever. I’ve heard it said that “Sunday is the most segregated day of the week,” and there’s some truth to it. Certainly this is a result of historical patterns of institutionalized racism that persist to this day.

Also, the assumption that Christians can’t be racist carries with it the idea that that purity, cleanliness, righteousness and morality stem from Christianity.  By implication this suggests that Christians are a moral step above the rest of us.  I don’t tend to think that Christians necessarily are more moral than non-Christians.  More and more I am starting to believe that discrete groups of people have within them a broad spectrum of personality types.

But I thought greed fell within everybody’s description, especially when it involved half a million dollars.

One thought on “Your racism will cost you half a million!

  1. A store clerk wore a suit to court and was addressed as “Attorney” – does it make him a real lawyer? Take a Muslim or Jew, and make him go to a some random Protestant church and chances are, he/she will be addressed as one of them. You probably know what I’m getting at here.

    Wouldn’t it be easier if we simply take people as individuals and not generalize beliefs, mores and behaviour based on one being part of so and so group? We are all each uniquely made, right? We all have our own unique situations in life, each shaped differently by our immediate environment. Even the way we view the world and form opinions is inherently unique in each of us.

    I’m not being spiteful, I’m sorry to offend in case you misunderstand me but reading another comment about how “Christians” are, blog after blog after blog, is beginning to bug me because bottomline? It’s almost akin to being racist.

    I understand that “By implication this suggests that Christians are a moral step above the rest of us” is merely your opinion, but is it true? Did you care enough to verify this opinion? Because what you may believe to be an innocent little sweeping generalization will, deep down, hurt many Christians who themselves don’t believe or live your opinion of them.

    You make racism your issue so I’m sure you’ve already opened yourself up to being faced a lot of many opinions, be it good or bad. If you’re as openminded and fair as you believe yourself to be, then I think you’ll understand totally the message I wish to convey to you.

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