A complaining person, “Well, I’m going to give them a piece of my mind!”

My unsaid comment, “Better not, looks like you’re going to need all of it.”

It was hard to hold this one in, too.  But sometimes I just let them fly.

Somebody else:  “What old country did you come from?”

Me:  “Old Country Buffet.”  ;-D

2 thoughts on “Unsaid/said

  1. The problem with the internet is that we can’t hear each other snickering unless we write something like “snicker”.

    I snickered most definitely.

    And it reminded me of the time when I was not dating men in favor of women and various relatives kept asking if there were any men in my life. I heard a lesbian comedian give the perfect answer, “Mr Coffee” but when I said it, there was no laugh track. Sigh.

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