I didn’t do it.

What you’re saying is offensive. Plus they have funny accents.

“You did have illegal immigrants working at your mansion,” Giuliani said, asking, “Didn’t you?

“No, I did not,” Romney said. “It is really kind of offensive actually to suggest… if you are a homeowner and you hire a company to come provide a service at your home… if you hear someone with a funny accent, you, as a homeowner, are supposed to go out there and say, ‘I want to see your papers.’

Geez, I thought everybody in MA had a funny accent.

Oops, I guess the landscapers and people cleaning the tennis court were illegal immigrants. But how would I have known?

Here’s Romney from a speech in June:

Q: What would you do with the 12 million illegal immigrants who are now in this country?

ROMNEY: Well, one is to enforce the law as it exists. The law that was passed in 1986 asked for us to secure the border & said also to put in place an employment verification system. Neither one of those was done. So let’s make sure that we enforce the law as it exists.

And more from an August ABC News story:

“You have to follow the law, and honor and respect the law,” Romney said Wednesday. “And if you don’t do that and create the perception that we welcome people coming into our cities or communities that are here illegally … you attract people into this country to come illegally. That’s why we went from 3 million illegal aliens to 12 million illegal aliens.”

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