Looking your daughter in the eye

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders recently made a public announcement in support of same-sex marriage, after previously having opposed the issue.

Reportedly Sanders’ daughter, Lisa, identifies as lesbian.

So is there any way to provide white politicians with African American, Asian American, First Nations, Latino,  gay or lesbian, trans, disabled or immigrant relatives?  Is it possible that Mayor Sanders never had any gay friends?

Of course, even if we here at Resist Racism were able to provide this service, it might not work.  Larry Craig might still be vocally homophobic.  And John McCain might still use the word “g*ok.”  (We provided him with a Bangladeshi daughter; no real attitude change has been noted.)

One thought on “Looking your daughter in the eye

  1. Pigs are flying again! Weeeee!

    My daughter brought me out of anti-racism retirement. Before she came along, I had given up on my short career of risk taking and speaking out. It’s definitely more motivating to take risks on behalf of your kids–although, as you have said, it doesn’t always happen.

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