‘My sons aren’t racist!’

So two black guys and their white girlfriends were walking down the street in Medford (why does that sound like the opening to a bad joke?) when the Temple brothers, ages 21 and 24, drove by and shouted racist slurs including the n-word at them. Shaun and Kevin Temple then parked their vehicle and ran across the street to confront the men.

Get out the Checklist for Defense of Racists™ again. What did the mother of the two white guys and Kevin’s girlfriend say?

The mother of two men charged with a racially motivated attack on two black teenagers Tuesday in Medford said her boys are not racists and worries they may be targeted in jail.

Loren Devlin of White City dismisses the hate crime charge against her sons Shaun Patrick Temple, 21, and Kevin Kaleb Temple, 24, who were arrested on intimidation, assault, harassment and disorderly conduct charges. Intimidation charges apply when victims of crimes are targeted because of race, color, religion, country of origin or sexual orientation.

“It was 110 percent not a hate crime,” Devlin said. “If my boys were racists they would try and attack every black man they see.”

Margot Shanklin, Kevin Temple’s girlfriend of four years, said both wear shirts depicting rappers Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg and enjoy rap music.

“It was just a fight, nothing more,” Shanklin said. “They both have black and Hispanic friends.”

White City, heh heh.

They are not racists. Check! They like rap music. Check! They have black and ‘hispanic’ friends. Check!

The “dumb as a rock” checklist item is fulfilled with this statement:  “If my boys were racists they would try and attack every black man they see.”  This would seem to indicate that racists don’t exist anywhere.   In any event, wouldn’t attacking every black man you see be a full-time job?  (Maybe not in Medford or White City.)

The mother’s statement about worrying that her sons would be targeted in jail was also interesting.  Is jail the only circumstance she can think of in which racist actions have consequences?

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