Why I hate adoptive parents

Reason 4. Maybe it should actually be reason 3(a), since it’s sometimes linked to cultural commodification and co-optation. Embracing commodification of adoption. Adoption-themed crap. The stuff that breaks my general rule. Also included would be those terrible books. Orientalism. Racism. Maybe the way to sum this one up would be All the crap adoptive parents purchase that reflects ill-thought-out viewpoints of race and adoption.

Please, I really don’t want to see kids dressed up like little “China dolls.” But I find it even scarier to see some of you wearing those hats with queues attached or the brocades or the saris. The tee-shirts with incorrectly-spelled words in your child’s first language. The diaper bags with the Asian Flair. The bracelets with the little fortune cookie charms.

And golliwogs are really racist. If you run an adoption agency, I expect you to set a better example. (Who the heck owns a golliwog keychain or mousepad or mug anyway? I would be slapped silly the first day out.)

And I don’t want to see message tee-shirts ever. Because they send a different message for me. If your kid is wearing a tee-shirt that says “Mommy’s Little Guatling,” what I read is “I’m with stupid.”


10 thoughts on “Why I hate adoptive parents

  1. You know, for someone who purports to “resist racism,” you are pretty critical of others. Just because people are adoptive parents, doesn’t make them mean or horrible(maybe just naive) Calling an adoptive parent “stupid” just for adopting seems, well, catty. When opening their homes to children, most people don’t strive to be awful or hurtful. They just want to be parents.

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  3. I think some reasons adoptive parents adopt can be hurtful because my adoptive parents adopted me to look like a hero to people they just wanted people to think they where cool to give a child a home save a child from living in a childrens home but they really never acted like they loved me what a waste of time

  4. There is no excuse for naivete among the adopting class. They know, and they don’t care; they welcome the racist society they foster and adore the multi-culti veneer it has been given in Orwellian retrospect. For every adopted child there are 1000 killed in wars of Empire that this class’s lifestyle feeds, aids, and abets. The pyromaniac firefighter is a lot of things; one of these is not “naive”. Quite the opposite.

  5. I hate adoptive parents they are so selfish your not doing a child a favor by taking them in your not the parents idiots they had a home before your selfish assese came along lol you not doing them a favor get it your selfish and rude

  6. I hate adoption agencys they don’t care about kids they only do it for them money the sick basterds and you sicko how many more times am i going to read another adoptive parents adopting and trying to kill the person they adopt its just gross how do you creepy basterds get past the adoption study and able to adopt the only thing you should be allowed to adopt is a cat or a lady bug

  7. and the creppy adoptive parents who adopt kids and abuse them that’s just wrong you should not be allowed to adopt its just gross I have read so many story on adopted parents who adopt and abuse the kids they adopt and nobody finds this gross but me

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